Build out your practice to near perfection.

The Advanced Startup Seminar is designed for any dentist that is opening a new practice. Whether it’s your first or fifth, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to launch a beautifully-designed practice that generates more production per square foot, than ever imagined. Plus, with access, you can go at your own pace and refer back to the material at a later date.

  • 13 Modules
  • 31 Videos
  • Unlimited Access
  • 6+ Hours of Content
  • 10 CE Credits
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Printable Lists, Construction Documents & Forms
“Scott’s office design and equipment tips will save you 100K at buildout and change the way you think of the ideal operatory.”
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Dr. Michael Nguyen

Course Modules

Welcome to Advanced Startup

The Breakaway Model for Building Startups17:50

Gain insight into this accelerated dental-training course tailored to startup practices that will change your life for years to come.

Identifying the Optimal Practice Location

Assessing Practice Location Visibility to Increase Patient Flow08:25

Learn how to pinpoint the ideal startup location, based on its visibility to passerbys, even in competitive areas.

The Importance of Demographics When Determining Location09:29

Learn the demographic requirements a location must meet for a startup practice, and find out how to use the data to pinpoint your ideal location.

Leveraging Demographics in Site Selection08:39

Find out how to read and analyze demographic reports and studies to quickly identify hot zones for your startup practice.

Analyzing the Competition Around Your Location07:24

Ascertain how to analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and the right questions to ask in order to build a successful startup practice.

Finalizing the Lease and Loan

Securing the Best Lease With a Negotiator13:29

Learn the best way to structure and negotiate a dental lease to avoid typical risks and maximize your budget.

Applying for the Right Size Loan10:13

Gauge all the ins and outs of funding your practice, plus learn all the key elements and proper figures to do it the right way.

Designing a Beautiful and Efficient Practice

The Breakaway Practice Design Philosophy09:02

Get an in-depth understanding of our philosophy, plus learn how to save at least $100K on construction costs and promote a great patient experience.

Reimagining the Operatory to be Lean and Efficient19:28

Gain a new perspective on the ideal operatory, and learn how to save money by implementing Breakaway design fundamentals into your practice.

Simple and Effective Storage Designs06:28

Learn the secret to designing storage areas of the practice to systemize inventory, while drastically minimizing expenses.

Laying Out Sterilization, Storage, and Lab Areas10:17

Ensure the sterilization, storage, and lab areas are designed to be efficient and save on costs while still having space for technology.

Driving Efficiency With Front Office Designs07:11

Master the front office design to eliminate checkout bottlenecks and maintain a positive patient experience.

Maximizing The Effectiveness of Your Leasable Space12:28

Determine how to acquire a space that meets your minimum needs, and how to maximize narrow space and oddly-shaped areas.

Setting up Your Cockpit

Properly Utilizing Carts to Enhance Efficiency14:09

Find out the cost effective way to utilize storage carts to minimize clutter in the operatories and keep the practice organized.

The Breakaway 12 O’Clock Cabinet Design29:58

Find out how to design the most critical cabinet in the operatory, the 12 o’clock cabinet, so that it’s the only cabinet in the room.

Connecting the Design and Experience

Case Study: A Breakaway-Designed Practice07:26

Review a practice floor plan design, and get key instructions on how to utilize a space that may not be ideal for a dental practice.

Delivering the Wow Effect to Patients22:35

Understand the main principles of the Breakaway Model for providing a phenomenal, patient experience, time and time again.

Preparing to Build Your Practice

The Construction Process Demystified19:40

Learn how to find a contractor, review bids, and manage the initial timeline of your buildout to avoid typical risks of construction.

Choosing Your Equipment and Managing Inventory

Choosing the Right Equipment for Sustained Growth07:17

Review a comprehensive list with expected costs of all equipment to save at least 100K, including supplies, instruments, and tech hardware to buy.

Setting Up and Managing Your Practice Inventory18:18

Learn the proper way to set up and store inventory, including the target costs, to stay within budget.

Walking Through Successful Practices

Walk-through Marbella Dentistry, a 3D Preview into Your Future of Dentistry03:00

Experience lean and efficient practice design that drives patient flow, and delivers substantial savings on construction costs.

Step Inside Converse Dentistry, a 3D Upscale, Cost-Effective Practice Design03:00

Learn the fundamentals of highly efficient design practices that promote efficiency, and deliver quality, while saving on construction costs.

Readying, Building, and Expanding the Team

When to Begin the Credentialing Process09:37

Bypass any unforeseen delays by learning the right time to begin the credentialing process for a new practice location.

How, Who, and When to Staff Your Startup12:38

Know exactly when to pull the trigger on hiring, including the most opportune times to hire additional staff and fully justify the costs.

When Outsourcing Makes Sense19:55

Learn when to utilize outsourcing, and how you can systematically meet the demands of your phones, insurance, and billing, all at the same time.

How to Vet and Hire the Best Talent22:52

Employing and retaining the best talent is important to the success of any practice. Learn how to vet and hire employees that will benefit your bottom line.

The Critical Drivers to Growing a Practice

Increasing Patient Flow the Right Way16:03

Gauge the key patient-flow drivers that will set your practice apart from typical and average dental practices.

Properly Diagnosing Patients for Their Benefit11:06

Become proficient in diagnosis, as a main driver of practice growth, and learn the Breakaway diagnosis-level goal and ways to achieve it.

Correctly Improving Your Case Acceptance12:17

Find out how to present an effective financial presentation to patients that’s proven to result in a “yes” to treatment.

Starting and Updating the Financial Plan

Building, Tracking, and Updating Your Budget18:56

Delve into maximizing your initial working capital to ensure that your cash flow from the start is significant enough to drive continual growth.

Getting Started With Your Startup

Turning Knowledge into Action 10:09

Review a step-by-step plan so you can begin executing the buildout of your dental practice, inside and outside, to near perfection.